quick charge 20000MAH LCD wireless Power Bank

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    quick charge 20000MAH LCD wireless Power Bank

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    Advantage of Graphene Power Bank

    1.Durable: Graphene battery charging & discharging cycle will be more than 1000 times.
    2.Fast: Charging & discharging speed will save 80%.
    3. Safer: Graphene power bank will not heat too much when charging and discharging.
    4 60W adaptor, only need 2 hours to fully charge, greatly shorten the charging time.
    5.OTP,OCP,OLP,OVP, Intelligent protection
    6.Longer life span time, chage and discharge time can reach 1000 time.

    Graphene Power Bank SYX908 20000MAH 74WH With 60W Adapter Charger

    Graphene Power Bank 20000MAH can be fully charged within Two Hours

    Two-way quick charge
    Charging speed can be the same as the Original Charger of the Phones or digital products

    Graphene power bank will not heating when charging

    More safe for no heating

    Four colors for selection

    Why we choose Graphene power bank

    Graphene is a kind of super excellent science and technology material for its excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity.

    The advantages of Graphene Battery are fast conduction,uniform thermal conductivity, and increase life span. The life span of Graphene battery is 10 times than the common ones.

    When we charge for the Graphene Battery it will not heat too much. So the Safety performance has been greatly improved.

    The charging and discharging speed of graphene power bank have also been improved which is 5 times than the common power bank.

    Can be took on flight

    Capacity 20000mAh